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For individuals seeking a slight enhancement in the bust area, we present the Jane Mansfield design. This exquisite design features a gathered bust that beautifully accentuates the top. Crafted from 100% cotton, this garment ensures optimum comfort with its cotton fabric. The bodice is adorned with side shirring, allowing for added comfort and accommodating weight fluctuations. Additionally, the design showcases neck straps of increased thickness, enabling seamless concealment of bra straps.

Please be assured that each item is meticulously crafted by myself and subjected to rigorous quality inspections prior to being dispatched. While the likelihood of encountering any defects is highly improbable, rest assured that I am more than willing to provide a complete refund or credit within a generous 7-day window following delivery, should such an issue arise.

Hawaiian Sarong Dress - 1950s Style - Style TH-158TS